Shows! Shows! More Shows!

There’s a bunch going on today. A BUNCH! IMPORTANT THINGS!

1. There are very special shows for bigwigs at iO tonight.
Tonight at 8pm, come see Dummy, Chaos Theory, and The DelTones. These closer shows are typically sold out and separate, and this week they are all gathered for a one night engagement, together!

2. defrancisCO has it’s 8th guest drawn this evening, 10:30pm. It could be you. Come on by and be the one. This show is the most fun thing around. …That’ll make triple shows on a Thursday. Come close it out with me.

3. Delusions of Grandeur’s third episode just went live! I’m in this one a good handful, and Molly shows a slightly softer side. Check it out here.

Driving back from Ohio now… come hug it out tonight.