Show Notes: DoG, Episode 2

Jake asked me to write a paragraph of show notes for Episode 2 of Delusions of Grandeur – just a little insight to the shooting process. It was fun to give that window. Those notes are here.

What I didn’t know is that he wrote some of his own, about me.

New York, NY – Jake: “I loved creating this show for two big reasons: I got to have a therapy session every time we filmed or created something. And two, we were constantly creating things out of thin air. There is no greater thrill. (I was in traditional therapy from age 5 to 18; I’ve been doing therapy on my TV shows since 2004).

Tara DeFrancisco (plays Molly) is a Chicago gem and renowned throughout the Chicago improv world. Co-creating with her, delicious. Nothing was scripted, so everytime I set her up, she nailed it. It’s so fun to egg people on, and for them to turn it into gold.

In between our manic scenes together, we often had heart-felt conversations about improvisation as a teaching tool for young kids, and how her comedy work has impacted the world beyond the stage. People close to Tara in Chicago frequently remarked to me privately how unique it was for Tara to connect with someone like she did with me, since she is often seen as a teacher, rather than a peer. I’ll cherish those few moments of conversation and connection Tara and I shared.”

Beyond touched. Honored. Thanks, Jake.

Watch episode 1 here, and episode 2 here.