DoG – a launch date, all the same

Lots of news: Delusions of Grandeur, the slated ABC Family show, launched this week – yesterday in fact, October 4th, as we all expected… but not the way we expected. The cast was informed that ABC pulled the plug on Delusions just days before it was going to air, after press conferences and interviews.

Why? Not sure, to be honest with you. Some have said content, and some have said that there was too much acknowledgement for the show before it aired. This show was following an IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY business model, a television show that had corporate sponsorship and big backers for full development and purchased airtime, which is a pretty renegade way of doing things your own way. Some improvisers may remember this same model with SPORTS ACTION TEAM, a fun show airing in 2007 or so with tons of talented friends. Jake Sasseville, the star of the show, is sort of the Unsinkable Molly Brown – he cultivates his own following and own press well, and if his goal is fame, he’ll reach it. Because he’s so good at that – the underbelly stuff of this thing we do – he got a lot of press surrounding the show before the airdate, and it gathered a massive fan-base before it even hit airwaves.

You’d think that’d be a perk to a station, but I don’t know details. All I know is that there’s 8 episodes of a show now released on Blip that will air as webisodes until we know more. And the first of those came out yesterday – go look!

That’s exciting, right? Life is good. With my family being the forefront of my life right now, nothing like this bothers me, and hopefully, it won’t bother you. Plus, if you watch it, and like it – I’m just saying there could be big things in store. So, watch when you can. Lots of improvisers, and the pace of Gilmore Girls, crashed with Curb style story arcs. Meta. People who are 30 like me are like WHOA, BRO, SLOW DOWN!, and people under 30 are like YOU-A SPEAKING MY-A LANGUAGE! (Also, they are Italian.) No, really, people under thirty are BLOWING UP THIS THING ONLINE. Maybe it’s the pace. Maybe it’s that Jake is a little younger than me. Maybe I’m a skeleton.

Anyway, watch the show. Support improv getting more notoriety as a generational source for material. Support play! If you’re curious on more, read this press piece about Delusions, too.