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Show Notes: DoG, Episode 2

Jake asked me to write a paragraph of show notes for Episode 2 of Delusions of Grandeur – just a little insight to the shooting process. It was fun to give that window. Those notes are here. What I didn’t know is that he wrote some of his own, about me. New York, NY – Jake: “I loved creating this …


DoG – a launch date, all the same

Lots of news: Delusions of Grandeur, the slated ABC Family show, launched this week – yesterday in fact, October 4th, as we all expected… but not the way we expected. The cast was informed that ABC pulled the plug on Delusions just days before it was going to air, after press conferences and interviews. Why? Not sure, to be honest …


Delusions (of what day it is)

First off, as I’ve posted briefly, my family is going through some hard times right now. Being with people is important thing in my life, and it never won’t be; People are the most important of all. Through this dark spell, I have been really inspired by how they seem to balance being open and driven by heart, reaching out …


Remix/Rerelease: Memorex and Memory

This was originally published on a blog of mine March 27th, 2006. Was in my 20s – a little younger then, but, when I ran across this today, I felt happy to see how true it still is. For anyone feeling lost, know that feeling unlost takes a while, but hopefully your compass becomes less foggy year by year, if …


Love Letter to defrancisCO; You get it. Thank You.

Mounting the show defrancisCO at iO has been one of the most simple, gratifying projects of my career. To think that people are understanding the reasons I wanted to do it, to think that it’s being received the same way that I saw it, it’s the greatest gift in return. And now, to have a person write an open letter …


“defrancisCO” debuts at iO, 9.6.12

Press Release: Decorated performer Tara DeFrancisco (SC, iO, ComedySportz, ABC Family), pulls one lucky audience member out of the audience to become her COstar in this production. The person must be a student enrolled in improv classes or completely unfamiliar with performing an improvisational show, who willingly threw an ID into the lottery pre-show that evening. Tara & CO will …


DoG: production stills

A handful of production stills were released from Delusions of Grandeur! Final edits are being made for the season release on October 4th, 2012. Jake Sasseville and Tara DeFrancisco, above, walk and talk in a scene from episode 4 of 8. To meet Jake, see this teaser trailer of the show available at Jake’s site!


Benefit for Vinny D!

Come. Donate. Send love. Vince DeFrancisco is the brother of Tara DeFrancisco – and he is one great dude. From the press release: “Recently, Vinny DeFrancisco (@VinnyDF) was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, an agressive cancer of the plasma. As you may know, Vinny has two children under the age of 4. Additionally, Vinny owns his own business, and their insurance …