Funny, Right?


National Commercials: BOOKED!

Tara was lucky enough to book a few national commercials, shot in December, and directed by the incredible Bob Balaban! Since the commercial isn’t running until Spring 2013 – you’ll have to wait to see what the ensemble/principle cast did, but you can see TD in 3 of 5 spots, and an incredible amount of web-extras/ads. She was even lucky …


Motorola casts TD in landmark national Google+ Hangout!

A national gig for Motorola was booked for Christmastime, 2012. In the first national Google+ Hangout, Santa and Snowflake the Elf chatted live with kids who won a sweepstakes to talk to the North Pole crew. All recorded live and with real-time off-line load-ins and texts to the Elf,  the Hangouts happened 6 times, December 20th, with a gaggle of …


Tara D: AMA on Reddit!

On December 9th from 8pm-10pm central, Tara was on AskMeAnything for the Reddit community. Below is the transcript of that AMA with the improv community at large. [–]MJMCP[M][S] 1 point 8 minutes ago* The Full Transcript! Hi everyone! I’m going live here in a few minutes and hope to be on for about 90 minutes. I’m hoping to get to …